Valentines for Broken Hearts

Valentines for Broken Hearts

Help Us Help Rufus Live His Best Life

Every year we pick a “Heart” dog for our annual Valentines for Broken Hearts Fundraising event. Our star this year is Rufus, an approximately 9 year old Terrier/Poodle mix. We’re raising $3500 to cover his bills.

Date Rufus entered our care: 12/14/2020

Medical Conditions: Grade 3 Heart Murmur, Visually Impaired

Medical Expenses:

  1. Initial vet visit $475
  2. Dental $903
  3. Eye Surgery $1250
  4. Cardiologist $585 (scheduled for 2/8)
  5. Special Diet $200
  6. Transport Home $100

Donation Window: February 1 - February 14

Projected Adoption Date: February 14

We're Raising $3500 for Rufus

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Every dollar helps!